Acorn Cookies

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IMPORTANT information about Cookies

We bake and ship our cookies in batches, this is to ensure freshness and prompt delivery.  Please sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Instagram @gloriousforest_apothecary to get a reminder for exact release times!

Important information about how the batches work:  Batches will open on the release dates stated above.  Batches will close the morning of my baking day OR when the batch sells out, so get your orders in early!  If a batch says it is sold out, it is sold out.


2018/19 Batches are to be released as follows:

Batch 1: FULL & CLOSED Releases Tuesday November 20th, Bakes Sunday November 25th, Ships Monday November 26th.

Batch 2FULL & CLOSED Releases Tuesday November 27th, Bakes Sunday December 2nd, Ships Monday or Tuesday  December 3rd/4th.

Batch 3FULL & CLOSED Releases Tuesday December 4th, Bakes Sunday December 9th, Ships Monday or Tuesday December 10/11th.

Batch 4:  FULL & CLOSED (Last batch before Christmas) Releases Tuesday December 11th, Bakes Sunday December 16th, Ships Monday or Tuesday December 17/18th.

Batch 5: TBA


Tentative VALENTINES DAY 2019 Batch (if we still have acorns to share): Releases Monday February 4th, Bakes Thursday Febuary 7th, Ships Friday or Saturday Febuary 8/9th.



<<>>About the cookies <<>>

Processing Acorns for over 5 years whittled our methods down to a magical art.  We make our cookies from the nut meat of White Oak acorns cold leached to tasty perfection.  We dehydrate the leached nut meal and then grind into an easy to use and highly nutritious flour. 

Our cookies have a rich nutty-caramel flavor with hints of gingerbread & chocolate but do not contain any additional flours or spices.  The flavor is genuinely acorn and delicious!

Ingredients: white oak acorn flour, local organic eggs, grass-fed ghee, organic maple sugar, Celtic sea salt, and baking soda. 

Made in a certified Kitchen in Weaverville, NC.  Gluten Free & Paleo friendly! Packaged in eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable & compostable bags.  

 IMPORTANT: As of now for freshness purposes, I cannot ship these cookies Internationally, only within the US. 



If you are local to Asheville, NC and able to pick up your order please use the coupon code LOCALPICKUP to disable shipping charges.  PICK UP WILL BE IN WEAVERVILLE NC ONLY, please pay for shipping if you cannot pick up in Weaverville, I cannot deliver cookies to you.  Provide your correct email at checkout and we will contact you with pickup details.