Milky Oats Extract

$ 20.00

Milky Oats are the unripe seeds of Avena sativa, the same oats used as a cereal.  We cultivate organic oat seed and harvest the oat tops before they are fully mature and at their peak milkiness.  The milk is rich in vitamins and minerals and is valued as a nourishing food for the nerves.  Milky oats, like milk itself, nourishes the body in many different ways and with regular intake helps heal stress related issues like anger, exhaustion, loss of sleep and muscle tightness.  Milky oats are gentle, kind and enriching, exceptional for everyone, especially those suffering from exhaustion, addiction and adrenal fatigue.  This is one of my favorite daily tonics.

Contains:  Garden fresh organic Milky Oat (Avena sativa) tops extracted in organic gluten free cane alcohol. 

recommended dosage: Take 1-3 dropper-fulls (1.25 ml-3.75ml) up to 3x a day or use as needed, taken under the tongue or with water or drink of choice.


Not FDA approved. This herbal supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Made in a certified kitchen in Weaverville, NC.
*I am not a medical doctor I am a community herbalist.  I am not diagnosing or attempting to treat medical conditions. Please practice safe herbal medicine usage.  Especially during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, giving herbs to children and if you are already taking medications.