Acheless Relaxation Potion

$ 20.00

Acheless Relaxation releases muscle tension, soothes the nerves, calms headaches, cramps and relieves inflammation so you can relax. Can be used before or after muscular stress to let go of tension, tightness and soreness.  A lovely blend for massage therapists to give to tighter patients before working on them.  Will not promote "foggy brain" so can be taken throughout the day.  

Contains: Appalachian Pedicularis canadensis , California Poppy <Eschscholzia californica>, Skullcap <Scutellaria lateriflora> and Birch <Betula lenta> inner bark extracted in organic gluten free cane alcohol & raw honey.

Suggested use:
Shake well before using
1 dropper-full (1.25 ml) every 3 hours or 2-3 dropper-fulls (2.5-3.75ml) whenever you feel tightness & pain coming on or as needed before sleep or after intense physical body . Because it is slightly sweet and the alcohol is diluted with herb infused honey you can take this potion right on your tongue as well as in a beverage of your choice.

Please be aware that I ethically harvest small amounts of Pedicularis and Black Birch each spring from wild places, therefore this is a small batch medicine and not available all year round as it is one of my more popular and acutely effective blends.

Not FDA approved. This herbal supplement is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

Made in a certified kitchen in Weaverville, NC.
*I am not a medical doctor I am a community herbalist.  I am not diagnosing or attempting to treat medical conditions. Please practice safe herbal medicine usage.  Especially during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, giving herbs to children and if you are already taking medications.