Mushroom Immune Magic Potion

$ 24.00

Mushrooms help balance the immune system, contain anti-viral properties, are rich in antioxidants, support the liver and have anti-bacterial and anti-inflamtory properties.  They are a fabulous addition to your diet and health regimen, especially if you are stressed, depleted, have an autoimmune condition or cancer.

Contains: A slow and low heat decoction of Chaga, Reishi, Shitake and Maitake mushrooms, Cinnamon, & Cardamom preserved in Organic gluten free cane alcohol then delicately sweetened with organic maple syrup.
Sold in a 4oz. amber glass bottle with cap

(Also available in the shop as a blend with triple extract Elderberry syrup) HERE

Suggested use:
Shake well before using, take approximately 1 tsp.(5ml) 1-3 times a day take under the tongue or with water or drink of choice.  When added to a hot cup of tea some of the alcohol flavor will evaporate if you are sensitive to the flavor. 

*I am not a medical doctor I am a community herbalist.  I am not diagnosing or attempting to treat medical conditions. Please practice safe herbal medicine usage.  Especially during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, giving herbs to children and if you are already taking medications.