2017 Vending

 Southeast Wise Women's Herbal Conference

Black Mountain, NC
October 12nd - 15th, 2016
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2017 Classes


Acorn Processing

This fall we are offering acorn processing classes in anticipation of a good harvest year.

Acorns served as the primary staple food across the northern hemisphere for millennia.  They provide a complete protein, high-oleic mono-unsaturated fat, and vitamins and minerals.  Unlike annual grains, their production and harvest fits seamlessly into a highly diverse and resilient forest ecosystem.  In this workshop we will discuss everything we've learned about harvesting, storing, and processing this high quality staple food.  We will showcase each step of the process, and provide some delicious acorn snacks.


)))))))Sept. 9th, 2017(((((((

Organic Grower's School Harvest Conference

Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC

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)))))))Sept. 27th, 2017(((((((


278 Haywood Rd, Asheville, NC 28806

6:30-9pm, $20 per person

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