Acorn Cookies

$ 10.00

About the cookies:

We have processed Acorns for over 5 years now and have our methods down to a magical art.  Our cookies are made from White Oak acorns cold leached to tasty perfection.  We dehydrate the meal at 100 degrees and then grind into a fine sifted, easy to use flour. 

Our cookies have a rich nutty-caramel flavor with hints of gingerbread & chocolate, but do not contain any additional flours or spices.  The flavor is genuinely acorn and delicious!  These wild food cookies make fabulous conversation Christmas cookies and gifts.

Ingredients: white oak acorn flour, local organic eggs, organic cultured butter, organic maple syrup, Celtic sea salt and baking soda. 

**Gluten Free & Paleo firendly!

**Each bag contains 5 cookies

****IMPORTANT: As of now for freshness purposes, I cannot ship these cookies Internationally, only withen in the US.  You will be refunded if you buy them and need International shipping.  Thank you for understanding.



If you are local to Asheville, NC and able to pickup your cookie order please use the coupon code LOCALPICKUP to disable shipping charges.  Provide your correct email at checkout and we will contact you with pickup details.


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