Milky Oats and Tulsi Potion

$ 12.00

This is my most popular medicine and I highly recommend it to those who wish to gently and sweetly heal their nerves and help their body deal with it's day to day stress.  In this potion I have paired mineral rich Milky Oat tincture and mood-boosting Tulsi honey together into an easy to take powerful medicine. 

Milky Oats come from the seed pod of the Oat plant.  We cultivate organic oat seed and harvest the oat tops before they are fully mature and at their peak milkiness.  The milk is rich in vitamins and minerals and is valued as a nourishing food for the nerves.  Milky oats like milk itself nourishes the body in many different ways and with regular intake aids in healing stress related issues like anger, exhaustion, loss of sleep and muscle tightness.  Milky oats are gentle, kind and enriching.  One of my favorite daily tonics.

Tulsi is a delicious herb in the basil family, also know as Holy Basil.  Sacred to India and cherished for it's immune, anti-inflammatory, and overall mood boosting qualities.  Tulsi is best know for being an adaptogen and will help the body and mind deal with stress when taken regularly.  Tulsi is one of my favorite herbs to cultivate, it's sweet bubblegum aroma brings joy to those within smelling distance.  Just like the smell, as a medicine it promotes joy and ease to those who partake.  One of my favorites for taking every day both as a tincture and as a tea.

Contains:  Garden fresh Milky Oat (Avena sativa) tops extracted in organic gluten free cane alcohol and fresh Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) flower & leaf extracted in local raw honey. Sold in a 1oz. or 2oz. (depending on the size you choose) amber glass bottle with dropper

Recommended dosage: Take 1-3 dropper-fulls (1.25 ml-3.75ml) up to 3x a day or use as needed.  Because it is slightly sweet and the alcohol is diluted with herb infused honey you can take this potion right on your tongue as well as in a beverage of your choice.

*I am not a medical doctor I am a community herbalist.  I am not diagnosing or attempting to treat medical conditions. Please practice safe herbal medicine usage.  Especially during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, giving herbs to children and if you are already taking medications.

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