Turmeric Potion

$ 12.00

Turmeric is used for arthritis, heartburn, stomach pain and upset, gas, inflammation, arthritis, swelling, and loss of appetite.   Get your blood pumping with this spicy and sweet tonic!  This is an internal tonic that is a must have for bee stings.

Contains: Fresh local turmeric root and organic black peppercorns extracted in organic gluten free cane alcohol and fresh local turmeric root extracted in local raw honey.
Sold in a 1oz. or 2oz. (depending on the size you choose) amber glass bottle with dropper

Recommended dosage: Take 1-3 dropper-fulls (1.25 ml-3.75ml) up to 3x a day or use as needed.  Because it is slightly sweet and the alcohol is diluted with herb infused honey you can take this potion right on your tongue as well as in a beverage of your choice.

*I am not a medical doctor I am a community herbalist.  I am not diagnosing or attempting to treat medical conditions. Please practice safe herbal medicine usage.  Especially during pregnancy, while breastfeeding, giving herbs to children and if you are already taking medications.

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